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Lisieux Maine Coons

We aim to breed kittens that are healthy, well socialised and who will make an excellent addition to any family home.

Most of the cats at Lisieux have had success at shows, however their greatest value to us is as part of our family.

Our cats are registered with
Felis Britannica, the UK member of the international association Federation Internationale Feline (FIFe), and I am a full member of the Viking Cat Club.

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My name is Josie and I breed and show Maine Coon cats. I’m based in South Northamptonshire.

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I used to have a nice normal life with a husband, a dog and three cats. We now live in a craziness with the addition of many Maine Coons into our lives.


It all started in 2006 when our first Maine Coon, Marley, fell out of a tree and died. This tragedy led to us becoming close friends with Anne from Bhanacoyne Maine Coons and as a result, Sion and I spent the summer of 2007 fostering Maine Coon kittens. We became totally addicted to this amazing breed and from planning to get two kittens, we’ve now got many Maine coons!


Some of the Bhanacoyne cats lived with us so I could show them, and we had two Bhanacoyne litters here from Allie (who Anne subsequently gave me) and then our first Lisieux litter in July 2010.

Have a look at our
Meet the Family page for more information about our feline (and canine) family.


I’ve also become addicted to the world of cat shows and show with both FIFe and TICA.

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Many of the Maine Coons go to show - have a look at our Show News for more information.


I’m a full member of the Felis Britannica (the UK member of FIFe) club The Viking Cat Club.


I have completed PawPeds G1 unknown