These are some of our friends sites and some useful cat related sites

Cat sites

Racoone Resort’s Maine Coons

Kirkwoodiecoon Mainecoons

Janeissa Maine Coons

Lunaris Maine Coons

Heathrug Maine Coons

Bhanacoyne Maine coons

Tiganlea Norwegian Forest Cats

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Cat furniture

Tigga Towers

Luxury Pet Homes


Cat-Proofing your garden and house

We use
Purrfect Fence and Cataire Window Screens

Other good systems are:



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Cat Photos

Our friend Robert Fox is often at cat shows taking photos. He’s taken some beautiful ones of Lilly and Albie.

In December 2013 I had a photo shoot of the dogs done by
Lucy Jones.

Our friend
Laura Nundy takes photos at show.

Kara Robson is a professional photo who’s taken some amazing photos of our babies. This is her Facebook page

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All our animals are looked after by the fantastic staff at Vets4Pets St James, Northampton


We DNA test our breeding cats using Orivet


Woody is a Pets as Therapy dog, Allie as a Pets as Therapy cat



Josie has passed the PawPeds Paw Academy G1 course G1RibbonSmall


Dief and Woody’s breeder Lynn at Blustag

Tamaskan on Facebook

The Tamaskan Dog Society of Great Britain

Tamaskan Dog Forum

Tamaskan Dog Showing Club