Psychotic Tamaskan Wrestling (PTW)

PTW is a sport that is very much enjoyed by Dief and Woody. The rules are not quite clear, but Juliet seems to understand the scoring and often takes the role of referee.

‘Wins’ seem to include sitting on your opponents head, pushing your brother off the sofa / bed / chair (delete as appropriate) and muzzle nomming. There seems to be some kind of intermission. This is spent snuggled up together with at least one body part touching your opponent. Intermission can be spent either sleeping or just panting.

Pasted Graphic
Woody and Dief demonstrating the ‘leap on the neck’ manoeuvre

The ‘pin opponent to the ground’ move

The ‘muzzle nom’

Dief evading the ‘muzzle nom’

Juliet, who has mostly retired now from active participation in PTW, demonstrating the ‘muzzle nom’, one of her favourite moves.

Some appropriate ‘Intermission’ poses

Note that this can take the form of full body contact or just one touching body part.



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