FIFe Champion Lisieux Popocatepetl (Popo)

Po IMG_4090

SIre: Langstteich’s K’Orlando
Dam: Bhanacoyne Allagra
Born in: January 2012

Popo is a black silver classic tabby (MCO ns 22). She made FIFe Champion in February 2013.

Po is the first kitten from one of our litters that we’ve kept. She’s a naughty little monkey - and managed to escape from the cat gardens four times in a week in July 2012! The final time found me running round the next door neighbours gardens in my pjs trying to persuade her to come home… I’ve since discovered her escape route so she’s currently planning her next escapade.

She’s got her mum Allie’s sweet nature… combined with all the naughty tricks her Auntie Jojo has taught her, and the brains of her Uncle Archie. It makes her an irresistable handful to live with and we’re really looking forward to watching this little one as she grows up.

IMG_3877 Po IMG_4089

Po IMG_3392

Po from Ipadcropped

Popo at 11 months old

Pasted Graphic


IMG_5889 IMG_5855

IMG_6115 Popo

After having her final litter in August 2018, Popo has retired from breeding and will now be a very spoilt house-cat.

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