Langstteichs K’Orlando (Bish)

Bish IMG_1589

Sire: Langstteich’s P’Knockout
Dam: Justcoons Alabama Blues
Born in: April 2008

Bish is a black silver tabby (MCO ns 22). In 2009 he came to live with from Germany as our stud cat, thank you Helga for this beautiful boy. Bish is retired and and now lives with her daughter Penny - Pernicus from his first litter.

Bishty gets very travel sick, so doesn’t go to show. He makes lovely, big, well boned babies. Have a look at our ‘past litters’ page for some pictures of his children.

Bish IMG_2327 Bish1IMG_0292

Bish IMG_4097

IMG_0698 IMG_2142

IMG_3438 IMG_3439

Bish when he first arrived

IMG_3914 IMG_3788
IMG_3896 IMG_3935
Our gentle boy at five years old


IMG_6106 Bish copy

IMG_6174 Bish IMG_6178 Bish

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