FIFe Supreme Premier and TICA Quadruple Grand Champion Alter Bhanacoyne Serafina (Fina)

Fina IMG_4081

Sire: Dotcom Moondreamer
Dam: Bhanacoyne Adina
Born in: May 2007

Fina is a blue silver classic tortie tabby (MCO gs 22).

Fina, also known as Princess Fina is a complete prima donna and has her own Facebook page ( She likes weekends away, but doesn’t understand why she gets taken to places like Lutterworth or Swanley - surely it should be Paris or Venice???

She’s a very beautiful and affectionate cat and adores being groomed and getting all the attention. She’s a daddy’s girl!


fina IMG_3427 fina IMG_3428

fina IMG_3430

Fina IMG_4418

FinaIMG_0181 IMG_1133



Princess Fina


Fina IMG_4993

In October 2014 Fina went to the FIFe World Show in Prague and was Nominated for Best in Show - have a look at our adventure!

IMG_6105 Fina

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